Louisville Area Grain Extract Research Society (LAGERS)

The Louisville Area Grain Extract Research Society (LAGERS) was founded in March of 1989 by a group of Louisville home brewers, dedicated to the art of making beer. There are currently about 100+ active members.

Annual Club Bulk Grain Purchase

It's time again for the Annual Club Bulk Grain Order. You will have until Sunday Sep. 7th, 2014 to submit your order. The order will be placed early on Monday Sep. 8th, 2014.
All grain should all arrive around the following Wednesday or Thursday.
When the order arrives, MOKHB will ask those who purchased grain to come to the shop and will take a group photo with the all the sacks of grain as a part of Louisville Craft Beer Week!
Orders are for 50/55# Sacks of Grain or 25# Sacks of Flaked Adjuncts ONLY.
10% of the total of your individual order will be added on to help cover shipping costs.
If you'd like to split a bag with others that is welcome and you are certainly able to weigh out and crush any grains at the shop.
You can use the LAGERS, FOSSILS or My Old Kentucky Homebrew Facebook Page to help find others interested in going in on a bag.
Whether you email or hand deliver your order form you will receive an emailed invoice detailing the total bags you ordered and the 10% service fee. Once you receive this invoice you cannot change anything on the order.
When the order comes, we will send out another notice.
If you have any questions, please contact Paul Young @ (502) 589-3434 or myoldkentuckyhomebrew@yahoo.com

Click Here for the Order Form!

Kentucky State Fair is OPEN

But the Competition is Over! Click below for Results!

KY State Fair

Also, check out the Events on our Facebook page here:
Competition Entry Deadline
Homebrew Competition Turn-In Date
Judging Session #1 (evening)
Judging Sessions #2 & 3 (all-day)

Meetings and Events

The club meets on the third Monday of the month at BBC Tap Room at 626 East Main St. Our aim is to evaluate homebrew and discuss brewing and beer related matters. We do not meet in August because we are all working so hard at the Kentucky State Fair.

We also maintain an Open Group on Facebook, look for us: LAGERS Homebrew Club

There are June and September picnic/camp outs, and a banquet in January. The brew-ins for the June picnic and January banquet are events in their own right, with plenty of food and beer and an excellent opportunity to observe brewing techniques. Club members are a good source of information about both grain and extract brewing.

LAGERS/MOKH Equipment Swap 2014

The 1st annual LAGERS/MOKH Equipment Swap and Social. It is May 17th from 11am to 3pm in the back parking lot of My Old Kentucky Homebrew - 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville, Kentucky 40204. Please bring out any old brewing equipment that is collecting dust and trade it for something different or some good old fashion cash. We will have the cold plates set up and will be grilling dogs and burgers for lunch. Please bring a side of some kind to share and don't forget to bring homebrew. We will have tables set up, but you should probably bring some chairs. Maybe someone can bring a corn hole set.

LAGERS gear is here: T-shirts, Sweatshirts or Zip Hoodies!

LAGERS Club Zip Hoodies, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts are here and you can get them at any meeting from our in-stock supply! LAGERS long-sleeved t-shirts: colors are black, navy and chocolate are $15, LAGERS sweatshirts: black are $20.

image, Lagers zip hoodie front

We also have 2 brand new (as of August 2011) color t-shirts, seafoam and chili and I believe priced at $16.00. All gear available for purchase during regular meetings.

They have our logo on the front and the "We brew it, we drink it, we talk about it" on the sleeve. The gear will be available for sale during our regular meetings and for those who participated in the GEAR survey; although you are under no obligation, will have first choice on the current stock. We will then sell the gear on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Become a LAGERS member

We recommend coming to some of the meetings and talking with the other club members. This will give you idea of what the club is all about and how to participate in the many functions that we have during the year.

The L.A.G.E.R.S. main goal is the promotion of advancement of home brewing for our members and community. Click here for more details and to complete a membership form.


Please patronize all our advertisers, as we appreciate their support. Members enjoy a discount on all brewing supplies at My Old Kentucky Home Brew and Liquor Barn locations by presenting your membership card at the time of check out.