Louisville Area Grain Extract Research Society (LAGERS)

The Louisville Area Grain Extract Research Society (LAGERS) was founded in March of 1989 by a group of Louisville home brewers, dedicated to the art of making beer. There are currently about 100+ active members.

Apocalypse Brew Works and the LAGERS Homebrew Club raised 4,250 for the Kentucky Humane Society!

First Annual Great Pumpkin Brew-Off and LAGERS Halloween Party

Halloween, October 31st, 2014 - 8:00pm Click HERE for details!

LAGERS - Tailspin Ale Fest Competition

For anyone who wants to enter, we are having a competition to find a LAGERS homebrewed beer recipe to be used to make the signature beer for the Tailspin Ale Fest. They definitely want a "local homebrewed" beer, which is great for the Club. We are looking for a "winter warmer" style ale from a LAGERS member to be brewed by the winning brewer at/with Apocalypse Brew Works to be served as the signature beer at the Tailspin Ale Fest. Essentially, the wining recipe will be brewed by ABW and served at three events, including a release party, and Friday session and a Saturday session at the Tailspin Ale Fest. Additionally, part of the batch of beer brewed by ABW will be oak aged and served at the Friday session. The judging committee will consist of 1-2 people (each) from the Tailspin group, ABW and LAGERS. Here are the rules if you want to enter:

  1. You must be a LAGERS member.
  2. 3 bottles of homebrew must be turned in to ABW by November 28th.
  3. You must be willing to give your winning recipe to ABW to be made as the Tailspin Ale.
  4. You may submit only 2 different styles (unique entries) of winter warmer.
  5. Must be willing to assist in a writeup about the winning beer and recipe to be published in advertisements and publications about the Tailspin Festival and release party.
  6. Entries must follow the guidelines below:
    • Contest entries will be accepted for any style of winter warmer, including:
      • American, Belgian and UK style high gravity ales
      • Spiced and/or unspiced ales
      • Ales with a minimum of 8% alcohol with a maximum of 12% alcohol
    • In general, we are looking for:
      • Old ales
      • English barleywines
      • American barleywines
      • Scottish Wee Heavies
      • Stock ales
      • Winter spiced ales
      • Christmas spiced ales
      • Strong Belgian ales
      • Strong Belgian dark ales
      • Strong Belgian spiced ales
      • "Imperial" version of other beer styles (e.g., Imperial porter, stout, etc.)
    • Entries not accepted will include:
      • Lagers
      • IPA's/DIPA's
      • Fruit beers
      • Sours/lambics/brett beers
      • Wheat beers
      • Standard ABV ales
Please email lagershomebrew@gmail.com if you'd like to enter, or if you have questions. More information will be sent out to competitors as the turn in date approaches. There is no fee to enter, just a lot of pride on the line for the winning brewer.

LAGERS - Gordon Biersch Pro-Am

We are having a Pro-Am competition with Nick Landers, the brewmaster at Gordon Biersch, to create a locally inspired, homebrew based beer for them to serve as their local/special release lager. We are asking anyone interested to turn in a "Reinheitsgebot-style" beer to compete to be brewed as a 15 barrel batch by Gordon Biersch. The winning brewer will get to brew with brewmaster Nick at GB and have their homebrew recipe served as the winning Pro-Am beer at the Louisville location. Here are the details:

  1. You must be a LAGERS member
  2. You must submit 3 bottles per entry
  3. You are limited to 2 unique entries
  4. Entries must include your name, email address and recipe
  5. You must be willing to assist in a write-up about the beer for local advertisements
  6. Beers must be generally fall within the Reinheitsgebot guidelines, but feel free to take some liberties within the guidelines if you wish. For this competition, this means:
    • All malt only: no adjuncts (sugar, treacle, molasses, honey, fruit, corn, rice, etc.)
    • Late hopping/Whirlpool hopping is fine, but no dry hopping
    • Only WLP830 yeast can be used (GB house yeast)
    • No additions of any ingredients beyond the whirlpool
    • Nothing can be added to the fermenter, except yeast
    • No oaks chips, wood staves, spirals, etc.
    • Gravity must be under 1.070 (17 ° P)
    • ONLY EXCEPTION: Dry spices (vanilla, chocolate, pepper, etc.) are allowed up to and including in the whirlpool.
  7. Entries are must be submitted to Nick at GB by January 2nd. Judging will be on January 3rd. Judges will include both LAGERS and GB representatives. You can ship or deliver your entries to:
    • Nick Landers
      400 S. 4th Street
      Louisville, KY 40202
      C/O Pro-Am
The winning beer will be decided on January 3rd, and the winning homebrewer will brew with Nick shortly thereafter. The Pro-Am beer will be served at a release party in March and continue until sold out. Please email lagershomebrew@gmail.com if you wish to enter or if you have any questions. More information will be sent out to competitors as the turniin deadline approaches. There is no fee to enter.

Become a LAGERS member

We recommend coming to some of the meetings and talking with the other club members. This will give you idea of what the club is all about and how to participate in the many functions that we have during the year.

The L.A.G.E.R.S. main goal is the promotion of advancement of home brewing for our members and community. Click here for more details and to complete a membership form.

Meetings and Events

The club meets on the third Monday of the month at BBC Tap Room at 626 East Main St. Our aim is to evaluate homebrew and discuss brewing and beer related matters. We do not meet in August because we are all working so hard at the Kentucky State Fair.

We also maintain an Open Group on Facebook, look for us: LAGERS Homebrew Club

There are June and September picnic/camp outs, and a banquet in January. The brew-ins for the June picnic and January banquet are events in their own right, with plenty of food and beer and an excellent opportunity to observe brewing techniques. Club members are a good source of information about both grain and extract brewing.


Please patronize all our advertisers, as we appreciate their support. Members enjoy a discount on all brewing supplies at My Old Kentucky Home Brew and Liquor Barn locations by presenting your membership card at the time of check out.